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Operation Flashpoint / On the seventh day GOD owned......
« on: July 08, 2004, 05:23:58 am »
Lo all,

nice site you all got.

Been around OFP for a while now, making map hacks, scripts, models textures cheats etc etc etc. Nice source of info here mostly. You cold probably do with a dedicated tutorial area thouhg with guides for people who dont know how to do it.

anyway, im looking for a MP god mode, vanilla flavour. I dont really want to have too much modified. I remember a noobs trainver v2.exe, is this what im looking for, i seem to remember it being able to toggle on and off. Filecheckers wont be a problem. Or will i have to do it via addons/scripts etc etc - which i really dont want to.

Thanks in advance.....

btw if you want any models making for some better 'extras' give me a shout.

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