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Random Insanity Board / wtf!!!
« on: October 18, 2007, 06:25:04 pm »
How is that possible you let someone taking the right to erase and edit members posts to make topics looks like he wants them to look like.
It s your right to let whoever you want to control a section but aren t they supposed to have rules too like everybody ! like the disclaimer ones!
how come my nationality is insulted once again today on forum!?
that s so fucked up , what s next , him posting my IPs in public?
are you gonna erase this PM i received "again" like the others?

sure i was  the one who opend that cookie  :icon_laugh

my family has nothing to do with gestapo in 3rd reich . most of my family was in SS !!
so . i think u leave that forum anyway . but i tell ya something . im new moderator from vc section and if u post something against law or something stupid i revoke it without comments .
i luv my pic .
do u ?
IDIOT . nobody like french cocksucker . why u scared us germans ? is that the point of beating u so often in history ? frenchs are weak m8 and u are one of that chickens !! thats why noboy of french soccerteam cames real from france ...sry...  1 cames from france :P

hahaha loooooser

eURO : you re some racist dude , you re a shame.

Announcements / color
« on: October 17, 2007, 11:52:14 am »
is it normal the forum changed color today?
i am having a white/blue forum here?
didn t changed none in the options

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / EA sports Rugby 2008
« on: October 08, 2007, 11:07:37 am »
looks beautifull , might buy it , anybody tried it?

Vietcong 1 & 2 / kicking players
« on: October 03, 2007, 08:19:36 am »
is it possible to kick players from a game without being admin?

edit : and not with the voting system off course

Vietcong 1 & 2 / killing bots
« on: October 03, 2007, 08:17:52 am »
when i use old detected cheats , my caracter kills himself and a red line appears.
is there a way to kill all AI & bots in a coop game the same way?
actually is it possible to kill all players in a map the same way?

edit : UP , i wanna k those fxxxxxx coop campers

Vietcong 1 & 2 / underground release?
« on: October 02, 2007, 07:02:08 am »
any chance TKC release the underground hack?

Vietcong 1 & 2 / server passwords
« on: October 02, 2007, 06:54:02 am »
i was just wondering , is it possible and is there a tool to joign a passworded server without the password?

Off Topic / bando's bored topic
« on: September 28, 2007, 08:10:26 pm »
now you can shave and play at the same time  :smile :

Off Topic / another TKC team!
« on: September 26, 2007, 02:42:17 am »
while typing gxxgle to get to the forum , found another TKC team

The graphite canes represent the best quality-price ratio compared to the glass fibre canes which are often heavy and do not give such a good propulsion of silk, even if they are perhaps a little more resistant.
There are various lengths of canes on the market. However, the most used are those which measure between 9 and 10 feet.
The majority of the canes are available according to three types of action: slow, average and fast. The action can be compared with the rigidity of the cane, therefore, slow action for a soft cane contrary to fast action for a rigid cane. The choice of the action is question of taste and the style of launching which you generally use.
It can be very advantageous to test a cane before buying it, i.e. to mount your winch there and a silk, to go outside and to make several throws in order to be able to judge if it is appropriate for your needs and especially for your way of launching.

The winch must be harmonized perfectly with the other components of the cane. Its weight must be balanced with the cane's and it must receive the line corresponding to the cane. However as opposed to what certain fishermen says, a winch a little heavier is not really a handicap, though the weight can become a source of tiredness at the end of the day. A heavier winch acts as a counterweight of the cane and silk during the throws. Thus this counterweight helps us to launch with less efforts.
The choice of a winch should be based on two elements: the price and the brake. The prices vary from 50 to 2.000 $ for winches ready to fish salmon. The brake is probably the most important element of the winch because it will enable you to keep a certain control during a combat. The winches with little brake can nevertheless be controlled by pressing its hand on the reel which turns during a combat but the danger occurs at the time of a very fast exit of line of the winch. The winch with a weak brake will tend to continue to turn after this fast exit and is extremely likely to mix your line, thing to be avoided with a salmon with the other end.

Often, the line of reserve is a neglected part of equipment. However, it forms a vital bond between the fisherman and salmon. Its principal goal is to make it possible for the salmon to make long races and to the fishermen to remain ?connected?. Moreover, the line of reserve increases the diameter of the drum of the winch, which makes it possible to increase the speed of winding of silk. During a combat, that can make all the difference between success and the failure of the day. The dacron is without any doubt the material of most popular line of the reserve. Its form is more punt than round, therefore it enables him to settle on itself flat and prevents the line from mixing.
As for the quantity of lines of reserve which one must have, several hold mordicus with a minimum of 200 meters. Others prefer 250 meters. A trick is to attach its silk directly to the bottom of the empty drum of the winch and to attach the line of reserve to it. One embobine until our winch is full as one wishes it, then one unreels and one embobine, but this time by putting the line of reserve in the empty drum of the winch.

As regards the line (silk), it must correspond to the cane which we chose (generally, the corresponding silk number is registered on the cane). Let me say that the larger the figure is, the more the line is heavy: a heavy line makes the presentation more difficult, but it can be propelled further. The lines most used by the fishermen who fish with only one cane are our. 8 and 9. It then remains to choose between lines with eccentric spindle (the most used because they allow a greater propulsion) and lines with double spindle (which have a better presentation and are more economic because they can be transfered of end).
There is a silk range to answer various situations: silk with spindle decentred, fixing silk, silk with double spindle, etc But a characteristic which deserves all the attention, it is the color. Indeed, silks are now in the colours of green pale, orange, blue, yellow, white, green fluorescent, brown, etc On a river whose water is limpid, you have advantage to use a avan?on of a minimum of 3 meters with silks of clear colors, in opposition to the dark colors which could frighten fish. It should not be concluded that silks of dark colors are not effective. Being much more visible for the saumonier, they make it possible to have a better control on the throws and are easier to follow eyes at the time of the engagements.

It is necessary to be ensured to have advance good quality. It is not when one has a salmon on the line which one can correct this problem. Do not try to save some under by preserving a doubtful avan?on.
The avan?on must be of at least three meters and of the smallest possible diameter, but balances some with the size of the fly. Do not be afraid of the ruptures, made the test attach a avan?on of 3 kilogrammes to your silk, put a hurdy-gurdy fly there that you will prick with a tree, then move away you to a score meters from the tree and while always holding your perpendicular cane with the ground, try to break your avan?on. You will see that with the elasticity of the avan?on, silk and the cane, a resistance of 3 kilogrammes is astonishing and that during the combat with a salmon, the tension which we exert on this one is much lower than 3 kilogrammes. A council, do not draw too extremely, it is your cane which could release you rather than the avan?on. Perhaps that in fact the nodes of the avan?on will release, then remade your node and test the test again. If the same node breaks another time, still remade the test but by changing the kind of node. Certain marks of trade of avan?on are much more resistant with certain nodes than with others.
The small ones let us advance will break more easily because they are more fragile with wear due to the blows and the frictions caused by the throws and less tolerate to be rubbed on the rocks. It is necessary to more often check them and change them.

the double hook seems to have a better balance when it is under water. As it is heavy, it goes down more quickly, which helps salmon to identify and take the fly.
The simple hook, has a presentation to him which is more delicate. Its use can be very effective when water is low, and the nervous salmons. Moreover, the movement of the simple hook in faster water has two positive effects which should have an effect on the reaction of salmon: resemblance to an insect in the current and the presentation of the colors.
With regard to the captures, it loses as many salmons by employing double flies simple flies. A certain theory says that to use simple flies, of size 1/0 to 5/0, can facilitate to launch it and a more delicate penetration. For the other sizes, use double flies: the fly seems to better swim. As the smallest flies are more fragile, so inadvertently you run up against rocks while launching and that you break one of the hooks, there remains to you another hook nevertheless if the salmon comes to bite before you checked your fly.
Simple or double, take the practice to sharpen the points of your hooks so that your fly penetrates well in the mouth of the salmon.

It should be checked carefully if the tongue and the point of the hook are sharpened. If the hooks are rusted or twisted, it is then necessary to clean them, file them or quite simply to disencumber you. If they are the toilets of the flies which you find in bad condition, under the hot vapor, you try to pass them will see that that gives again life with the drowned flies but even more with the flies dry.

For the choice of your clothing, think camouflage. Avoid the colors sharp. The colors which merge best with battures are the greens, the gray and the colors sands. Pay a detailed attention to the various objects (nail-clippers, scissors, ?pinglettes) which you will carry on your jacket of fishing; the reflections of the sun could betray your attempts at camouflage.
In the category of the basic equipment for the fishing of salmon, it is very important to get polarized glasses, i.e. which make it possible to decrease the reflections on water and better to locate salmons.

The arrival on the terrain requires also a certain planning. It is necessary to arrive, if possible, a day in advance. To get a chart of the river and to go to locate the sectors where one will fish make it possible to locate salmons and their displacements.
If you fish in not-fixed quotas for sectors, try to know from which the fishermen come. The local fishermen or those which have fished for several days are good indications of displacements of salmon. It is rather easy to know their source by examining the vehicles.
The discrete approach makes it possible to see where the fishermen position, which method they use (dries or drowned) and how they are carried out. The chart of the river can be used to take notes on your observations. After a discrete approach, it can be interesting to see the reactions of the fisherman when he sees you.
A tip, you do not trust the places too much where the captures were made during last days. Firstly, the salmon moves and secondly several fishermen lie when they record the pit where they took their salmon.

For the cane, it is necessary to check the wear of the eyelets, the fasteners of the carry-winch, the junctions of the sections as well as the external completion (epoxy).
The winch must be dismounted, cleaned and lubricated; it is also necessary to check the brakes and the screws. A little nail varnish on the head of the screws could prevent a loss or a breaking.
Silk should be stored on a support ?reel? to make it dry. One could clean it with various products and apply a guard of the Armorall kind.
The line of reserve will have it also to be arranged on a support to make it dry; do not forget to check your nodes.
Let us advance (leaders) and the material being used to prepare them will have to be stored in a place absent from light.
The flies will be the subject of a particular care. Firstly, open your boxes to make them dry after each day of fishing. For the drowned flies, pass a soft stone for good to sharpen them. As for dry, to give them a beautiful appearance, pass them to under the vapor. That will cause to rectify all their feathers. Then, it is necessary to make them dry and one can coat them few layers of liquid product or in paste. During their storage, prick the hook to the top so that the ?hackel? does not touch surface.


Announcements / joigning
« on: September 06, 2007, 03:16:30 pm »
hello , i would like to join the vc team section? but it seems Mr Pink is not much around these days.
could you tell me what s up so i know if VC team is still active , if i am accepted or if i have to go somewhere else to find a team to play?

Section of Science / smoke cloud
« on: September 02, 2007, 11:19:59 am »
as a apprentice chemist.
i ll like to teach you how to make the deepest smoke cloud you ever seen and only for few $.

find or buy some caustic soda and some sugar.
find a recipient that will not burn like a flower pot for exemple.
mix it and light it but be carefull the heat can probably go up to 2000 degree (the heat will just happen for few seconds).
one small box of caustic soda and some sugar is enough to put a whole neighborhood in a deep smoke cloud.
enjoy  :icon_magician

edit : don t know if it s toxic so don t heal it , put some scarff or some mask

Vietcong 1 & 2 / undetected colored textures
« on: September 01, 2007, 03:31:15 pm »
as a fan of the colored textures from T@xman & Noobly , i was unhappy that it gets detected by some recent  anti-cheat stuff.
so i had to find a way to make colored textures of exactly the same size as the originals.
so i opened paint and just inversed the colors , gives me a fluo blue and i can use it now on any server without getting kicked.
Also , it keeps the shapes & details of the original textures. not much but pretty.

Vietcong 1 & 2 / unlocking the ptero-engine functions
« on: September 01, 2007, 03:19:45 pm »
open your editor exe (in Vietcong/dev/engine) with a program like ressource tuner or ressource hacker.
in the second folder you will find menu (developer menu) and customer menu (the one you see when you open your editor).
What you do is edit the customer menu like the developer menu.
Save and open your editor , you now have the unlocked features.

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