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Armed Assault / No luck
« on: April 14, 2008, 02:27:37 am »
This was supposed to post as a reply in this thread:

I am not sure why it was created as a new post.

I tried adding these scripts to my .pbo and now none of the scripts show up on my command menu in-game.

- I unpacked the SCP .pbo
- I created the .sqs files and put the code listed inside them
- I updated my chinit.sqf file (added the scripts I wanted and removed the ones I didn't need)
- I packed the updated SCP .pbo, started ArmA, ran the init.sqf script, and nothing.

Here is what my chinit.sqf file looks like (I replaced the actual .pbo name with SCP)

Code: [Select]
player addAction ["Select","SCP\scripts\select_object.sqs"];
player addAction ["100% Interest","SCP\scripts\interest.sqs"];
player addAction ["Pocket Change","SCP\scripts\magicPockets.sqs"];
player addAction ["UnLock Vehicle","SCP\scripts\unlock_vehicle.sqs"];
player addAction ["Lock Vehicle","SCP\scripts\lock_vehicle.sqs"];
player addAction ["Stealth Mode","SCP\scripts\stealth.sqs"];
player addAction ["Teleport","SCP\scripts\teleport.sqs"];
player addAction ["Info","SCP\scripts\info.sqs"];

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