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Armed Assault / walker...
« on: October 05, 2007, 05:27:54 pm »
ok walker you get your own thread and if you really want to discuss how stupid you sound come here

the other mods would never let the actual discussion go, bc by the end of it we would all just be making fun of you

so to start it of I'll make fun of you and maybe you'll get wind of this thread

"look mom he's gay too!"

also nobody is even taking you serious over there

that topic has been there for a good week or so now, have you seen one person post something they think is illegal

On Sept 16th I was playing MP game Evolution and the game got hacked, causing my PC to lockup and get HD errors after reboot.
Reading that computer privacy act that this is in violation of federal law.

not even close to the law interpretation, and thats the only one i've seen

you see what you have started tho, confused individuals who are now thinking that some law is gonna stop us from doing what we want IN A VIDEO GAME

thank you walker for being the laughing stock of our rock solid communities


lemme add on here
- server crashing (by script, flooding, buffer overflows or w/e fits)

- disruption of network traffic flow (flooding / denial of service (DoS))

- preventing any administration operations (kicking or blocking regular admins or owners from work)

- disruption of default game-server service (game breaking operations)

- anything similar as above

-nope it never worked in any scp script

-dd0s... nope (but bratty seems to think dd0s is ok to brag about)

-doesn't apply to a game, has nothing to do with some game creators horrible excuse for code( do you realise how far that could go if it didi)

-i guess this last one is your only hope, maybe you can make it sound like, while using another countries constitution, that americans should be following by its laws and rights...

I think our last major judgement for bs like that was Roe vs Wade.

I love this stuff, but it bores others, no video but i love hearing the bastards get whats coming to them.

Random Insanity Board / Wrabbah Blabbah wabba dabba
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:15:01 am »
dippity babba wabba snabba  :icon_cool2 :icon_laugh :icon_teehee :icon_rolleyes2 :cheers

Armed Assault / Thinking about starting the old server up again
« on: September 07, 2007, 02:24:51 am »
with the release of Sarahiniville (crime city type mission) ive been interested in starting the server up again running only that misison.

so with that said im trying to find people who might be interested in maybe getting a day for a good game of it
currently its still in its beta stage so i may wait till its a bit more refined

server will be passworded for us and the few i know who play arma
using the scp would prolly be advised since it fucks with those not using it (incase someone gets frisky)
generally no rules unless i get frisky (its only for a few hours of fun anyway)
all mods welcome;act=ST;f=67;t=68040
more info later

if your interested lemme know here and ill pm the pass soon as i feel like its a good time to start the dedi up again

Armed Assault / omg you guys have r33t postesses
« on: August 03, 2007, 08:59:01 pm »

and incase it doesnt show for w/e reason

Armed Assault / myg0t arma crew solutes you
« on: June 06, 2007, 12:46:10 am »
just thought id come by and say whats up and that we over at myg0t love your work...

they finally banned me over at the bi official forums and I think 5 months of that crap is plenty to know what we are gonna be ruining

so when you see us rollin in tha hood say whats up

our server may be changing names soon but the official one is DEDICATEDAMERICANSEX

join us for a game or lets plan some rage and or raids from there

also g0t a teamspeak if you guys need one but the ip will be changing shortly

we got some nice hacks but I rarely need them so yea... I like poop

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