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Off Topic / A message to Lazy Pig
« on: May 06, 2007, 07:07:25 pm »

Hello Lazy Pig
I was playing a one on one with a friend on CW prophet (mode: DM).
We didn t set no password and the habhra was turned off so players can join and cheat if they want to.
Why , because we believe in the no-rules ideology , like you.
You came in under the name : Lazy Pig is back , disrupted the game (that s ok , why not) and crashed the server (thats not ok) , so i have this question:
Don t you think you should go bother somewhere else than a friendly local game that welcomes you?
Is it because you don t have the knowledge to do it on a protected server?
Were you so bored?
So i came to the conclusion you are an homo   :icon_laugh
I hope you will give me a response.

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