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Off Topic / Sorry not been about
« on: October 10, 2007, 05:04:16 pm »
Hello all  :icon_thumbsup long time no speak.

Just letting you all know, i aint been around because of my pissin ISP
i moved house about 2 months ago,
And got all me net / tv transfered over

But they didnt transfer me net over as there was already a connection with the past owners,

Well only found this out 3 weeks ago when i had no internet, and still failing to reopen the connection with my net

Told it may take another 2 weeks stupid Sky i hate them lol,

Just to let you all know  :icon_laugh

Off Topic / Rapidshare / Megaupload
« on: September 10, 2007, 06:41:40 pm »
Hello all  :icon_thumbsup

i have just got a Megaupload account and have a few things i want to download
with oabout 30 links,
But i have yet to find a download manager like Rapget for the rapidshare
I know this rapget is ment to work with megaupload but i have failed to get it working
Has anyone been able to yet? or does anyone know the best Program for the Megaupload downloads?

Armed Assault / SCP Havok Screen Shots
« on: August 28, 2007, 02:03:54 pm »
Were all interested in what other people do on servers and how much they get away with
And how much Havok the cause on the server.

So me though i would create a post so people can post all there screeny of the Messed up servers / Mayhem and the comments people make.

Ill upload mine tonight as me in work at the moment,

Post away People

Armed Assault / People get so anoyed with hackers
« on: August 16, 2007, 05:51:05 pm »
lmao you have to read this

After the silly muppets finaly relised i had one over on them hacking they all strated crying  lol

I think a few trips back needs to be done  :icon_laugh

Armed Assault / Crash To Desktop
« on: August 10, 2007, 04:54:12 pm »
Anyone been having the problem with the Random crashing to desktop.

I find it happens alot when picking out ammo or weapons out the creats,

Or just at random times i it will go jumpy and CTD

Any reason for this, (never had this problem untill i installed a legal copy of Xp on my machine lol)

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Teamspeak Hacks
« on: July 31, 2007, 04:29:12 am »
Hello All,
For some its old, for others a new world to piss people off in my words,
Thoes irritating people you hate, the anoying clans, the nooblets who give you abuse
not piss them off with this lol

Anyway some quick fun tips and hack in here,
One of what i love, it puts a code on your name, so when someone tryed to right click you to kick you it errors there TS and crashes

(warning some things with pickup pn AV, all is armless i have been using anyway but dont hold me responisble)
Also another warning do not test the Crahser on your own TS, and 9/10 you cannot delete the channels using the program

( i tryed to upload it VIA tkc server didnt work, this is on me own server) Hacks.rar

Content of hack:

Voice Spammer
Operator Spammer
Admin Spammer
Message Spammer
Voice Spammer
Channel Admin Spammer
and many more..

Server Admin Creator

Brute Forcer:
Teamspeak Userlogin Brute Forcer

Channel Flooder
Player Bot
blubablub - Free-Hack Flooder
Teamspeak Spam
FrEe - Free-Hack Flooder

Teamspeack Background Color Changer
Volume Control
Volume Control New Version

TS Tool
Teamspeak Chaos


Admin Tools:
TTT 1.3
Admin Client 1.1
MultiTool 2.2

Teamspeak Invisible
Teamspeak - Kick everyone from Server with Channel Admin Status

Armed Assault / Other Game Hacks in Download
« on: July 27, 2007, 04:08:53 am »
Hello Peeps,
Just in work and i was bored so i got browsing all downloads to see what was out and for what.

Quicki i wanted to ask, Does the Color aimbot work atall for the ArmA, if so would it work with color Chamz, so a red head it will aim on?

Another one i was intrested in was the Wirefram? does this work?

i aint being lazy to test just passing time in work and wondering :p hehe.,


Hello People

Dont know if anyone is intrested in buying an account for 2142,
i got bored with it 2 fast, and got into ArmA and with all these fun hacks i think its going to take a while to get bored lol

Anyway what i have

An Online EA Account:

Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142 Northen Strike

Battlefield 2 AF
Battlefield2 EF

If anyone is intrested just give me a price, Accounts are clean, no Kicks no Banns,

I dont want the game no more and its just sitting there,


Announcements / Web Designer Join
« on: May 01, 2007, 06:20:56 pm »
Did you get anyone to fill the possison of the Web Designer?

If not this may be something i am intrested in.
My skills and Talent are well known.
I Code PHP, HTML, Java, workin in SQL Database,

Pre written software i covered was Themes for Nuke, Nuke Evo, PPBB,
And Comershal Websites.

As well as a coder am a dam good graphics guy,
I can animate this site like know tomorrow :p
I have software that will let me even build up in 3D Dimention and export this into Flash,

A small example of my work :
From this iamge i created

This has no layers or Material on this, but a small example of what work i can perform graphic wise.

Speak Soon

Armed Assault / d3d or Wallhack
« on: April 30, 2007, 05:11:48 am »
Hey Wesker nice work you have done here thanks :) i love the hax
Just a question or 2 should i say:
Once: Do i know you from Elitehax?
Two: Is it a big job for a little d3d color chams or wallhack, am willing to pay?


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