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Headlines / Happy New 2021!
« on: December 31, 2020, 12:22:52 pm »

From dusk to a new dawn, happy new year!

/The Staff

Headlines / Happy New Decade!
« on: December 31, 2019, 07:15:32 pm »

Headlines / Downloads
« on: October 22, 2019, 08:44:37 pm »
Downloads are being separated from the forum. All downloads exist, but distribution will be decentralised. For the time being off-site hosting or exchange through other means, like torrent, is encouraged. Requests can be made in appropriate boards.

Headlines / Forums back up!
« on: October 20, 2019, 05:22:32 pm »
After some delays the main forums are now back online.

The database size contributed to the corruption of post/topic in backups from late 2018-10. The forums have been reverted to that date. Member registrations could be recovered however.

The forum has a new back end which is more secure to users. GDPR compliance has been incorporated as well.

The proboards forum can still be found at

Off Topic / Escape from Tarkov
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:21:50 pm »
Found this gem of a game.

It's a mix of Stalker and DayZ, but handles like Vietcong.

Only iron-sights aiming (you get really good fire fights, bullets flying all over the place).

You keep the weapons you find, if you survive, and if you have space for them in your stash. Every bit of most guns is modular. You can buy and find parts.

Vietcong 1 & 2 / Pterodons comments about our cheat trailer
« on: January 03, 2018, 08:22:03 pm »
Hadn't read them before:

For the first time anywhere, here are Pterodon's comments about the [TKC] cheat movie, cheats4ever.wmv (YouTube link below).  Michal Janacek, Pterodon's Vietcong Project Manager identifies each cheat and tells exactly how he will defeat it.   Michal wrote Hradba, Vietcong's anti-cheat, very soon after he saw this movie. 

Code: [Select]
we just received a movie made by [TKC]. You can download it from there:
[url=]cheats4ever.wmv (hosted by YouTube[/url]
It's very interesting, I will write comments to every single part of it ( today or tomorrow)[/quote][quote]Hello all,
here is my report on Cheats4ever.wmv movie...

GE - gama engine
HB - Hradba AntiCheat[list]
[*]Head gear change (movie 0:14 tank, 0:51 tree)
What can be done: placing any ingame object on the head of player, every other client see it.
How it works: This is done by changing headgear definition in a process memory.
Fix: fixed in v1.34, GE server checks information received from clients

.....  :icon_biggrin2

Headlines / Happy New 2018!
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:03:53 pm »
Happy New Year!

/The Staff

Player Zone / African Rebel
« on: June 12, 2017, 05:42:04 pm »

This is good  :icon_laugh

But getting their names from the IP is a bit difficult. Probably sniffs more information relating to their PS-accounts as well.


Off Topic / Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:52:03 pm »
Looks really good:

At least, if there'll be MP, we still got Hecklers guide :P

Mount and Blade / Sales and trades are not supported
« on: June 03, 2017, 06:09:10 pm »
In the last few days a lot of buy requests, in the shape of threads and posts awaiting approval, have appeared. However, this board and this forum in general is not open for trades of any kind. You may contact users privately, preferably on other platforms. TKC-Community does not support sales or trades of any kind.

Off Topic / goog-no-reminder
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:39:41 am »
Removes "A privacy reminder from Google" permanently

There's a crappy box that appears inside the EU, in which you have to accept the conditions of Google (I never did, so it keeps repeating, but it probably has no material significance (other than that they are legally required to display it, just like with the cookie-stuff that has an "I accept" box leading nowhere)). In any case, this fix removes it permanently, and saves a lot of hassle.

Off Topic / New Vietcong?
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:17:43 pm »
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Love the hats .

Got it for 14 GBP at GMG. Steam is always more expensive :(

However,  might not get access to the beta that way.

Section of Science / Java
« on: April 24, 2017, 10:17:08 pm »
Universities finally realize that Java is a bad introductory programming language

I've never come across a language that's as bad as Java, with the exception of Visual Basic maybe.

The only useful program that I ever coded in Java was a select map->coordinate translator for OFP, so that I could teleport people where I wanted (to mazes and various minigames).

However, Javascript may be even worse.

Off Topic / Syrian Warfare
« on: April 02, 2017, 04:36:39 am »
I discovered this game by chance the other day, and it is a refreshing take on the rts genre. Takes the best from old classics like Close Combat and Sudden Strike but puts it in a modern package with some influences from Wargame, with a story mode added. No holding hands, it's a pretty hard game.

A side note is that it was taken down by Steam just a few weeks ago. The game offended some social justice warrior (violent video game, ongoing conflict etc etc) who filed a fake copyright complaint, but luckily it got back up.

Music is great too  :icon_razz2

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