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Off Topic / TKC for OFP 1.99
« on: September 27, 2020, 03:37:56 am »
Hi guys.

Sorry that I'm writing this topic to this thread, which is (in first order) not used for game stuffs, but I am really hoping someone will read this post in this thread (I give it a bigger probability :smile ).

The OFP is nowadays not so much played as it used to be, but people still play it. Because there are no official clan-wars, I really wanted to try (just for fun :smile) the TKC supercheatpack. However, most of the servers are on version 1.99 (which uses a different .exe file - ColdWarAssault.exe instead of FlashpointResistance.exe). So I wanted to ask, whether there is a version of the TKC cheatpack, that could be run under this newer version of the OFP?

Thanks in advance for the help :smile.

Small disclaimer - OFP is now officially cold Arma: Cold War Assault, because the creator of this great game - Bohemia Interactive, lost the licence for using the trademark of the name Operation Flashpoint, so they released an official patch for it - version 1.99, which changes the game files, names, and so on...

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