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Hello everyone!! I currently am very bored out of mind, and have no small term goals, so I have decided I will try to make an Autokick hack for warband. I have very limited programming experience, like noob level from years ago when I tried to start coding and failed.

I know it has been said that I can learn from the downloads section but I have no idea what to download from there. Anyone can link me to a thread for a legit beginner?

Edit: am taking notes from this thread,16834.0.html and trying to understand it, is very hard.

double edit: just read this from another thread "get the vector rotation of the player ( you ) then check if the enemy is in a certain zone + distance from you if they are then send a kick command"

so that means when I create the program I will need some if functions that will run when I press the kick button E correct?

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