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Off Topic / utterly pointless greetings
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:54:14 pm »
i recently went on a nostalgia trip through old contacts and sites i used as a child and remembered for a moment my time playing the Vietcong demo in late 2004 early 05, which brought me back here. i was amazed to see the community had persisted and several familiar names remained. some old posts made by an eleven year old me even remain on this very board from its early days. part of me wonders how ya'll even function in todays multiplayer world with pissy devs banning people left right and center for some banter, let alone persistent heckling but i'm sure you find a way.

at any rate, i don't even know if this is the place for this kind of post, but since it appears to require mod approval to begin with i figured i'd just express my joy to see this place still exists and i hope the years have treated you all well. if it doesn't belong here then at least i said hi to the mod who denied it, hi pal.

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