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Mount and Blade / Having problems with the autoblock
« on: August 24, 2018, 08:53:15 pm »
Ok so it seems that you can inject some old autoblocks like MrMedics and MrcCamos and work just work fine in matters of blocking but for me there is this laggy problem.I read MrMedics post about it saying that we must increase the speed but that did nothing.

Injecting MrCamos autoblock gave me less lag to be honest but still its annoying.

got the idea from this post

You guys do know that Mr Medic's older version that was released some time ago, and that of MrCammo's (don't use his injector) still work right? Inject it on module selection, works like a charm.;sa=view;down=469;sa=view;down=453

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