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Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:42:40 pm »
Where shall I start...

When I first heard about this 'community', I just needed to take a look.
So I did!

Guess what, I am really roling over the floor laughing here! You guys for real?

You want to cheat... fine... you want to teamkill... fine... But thinking that you have the right to do that on another server than your own, you are totally wrong.
You don't own that server, so you don't say what can and cannot be done. Teamkilling and cheating on someone else's server is like not obeying the rules in somebodies house! Why? You think running a server is cheap? Doesn't cost money? Isn't much/hard work for a lot of people to build up such things? And you guys just think that you can just walk in, do whatever you like, start teamkilling, cheating, circumvating bans?
And you even believe that!? So it's also no problem if I come in your home, when you are not there, screw your dog, watch some television go take a bath, eat your kitchen empty and then leave again?
You think that 'cause this is internet' there is a real difference?

Really I found many many numb communities around the net, aswell as in real life, but this one really hits the sweetspot.

25 year olds, mixed up with 14 year olds and all the iq/eq of an ape. What a dissapointment!

The fact that you guys 'believe' in this stuff and promote it even makes you worse than monkeys. What a responsibilities!

In other words, piss off, start up your own server with your TKC-'friends' and start cheating and teamkilling eachother, that's what you guys want to do right? Then fire up your own server.

Don't think I am afraid or impressed, I am not at all and I got all the needed server utils etc. to keep your asses out and keeping the work on your asses as a minimal.

Just needed to post this from a moral point of view. Find something in your life worth to do, this is really something that kids of 12-14 do, and even then it's unacceptable.

ps... your philosophy is full of contradictions, as stated by others, but I had to point this out: I read about not using this stuff on public/open servers where fair players play and such... well, why do you help people get unbanned then, you think they got banned because of fairplay? guys try to cover yourselves in on the one hand and on the other hand you support it..Hypocritism, anyone?

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