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Operation Flashpoint / Re: OFP Supercheat 1.26c
« on: November 26, 2012, 09:15:47 pm »
Hi, its not possible to active the menu right after the mission has started. You have to die at least once because the cheatpack uses the respawnscripts to load the menu.

Operation Flashpoint / Re: tkc.sqs commercial
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:40:12 am »
These the original files from the cheatpack. You only have to replace "tkcpath" and "TKC_random_stopmove".


_obj = "dum02"
;strich horz. vom T
[_obj, -5, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -4, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -3, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"

;strich vert. vom T
[_obj, -4, 4] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -4, 3] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -4, 2] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -4, 1] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -4, 0] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"

;strich vert. K
[_obj, -1, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -1, 4] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -1, 3] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -1, 2] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -1, 1] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, -1, 0] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"

;rest K
[_obj, 0, 3] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 1, 4] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 1, 2] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 2, 1] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 2, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 3, 0] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"

;vert C
[_obj, 4, 4] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 4, 3] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 4, 2] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 4, 1] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"

;rest C
[_obj, 5, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 5, 0] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 6, 0] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
[_obj, 6, 5] exec "\tkcpath\effects\tkc.sqs"
hint "TKC Logo Created"


_typ = _this select 0
_x = _this select 1
_y = _this select 2
_pos = getpos player
_dir = 0

_x = _x * 5
_y = _y * 5

_obj = _typ createvehicle [0,0,0]

? TKC_random_stopmove == "jo":Exit
_dir = _dir + 2

_obj setpos [(_pos select 0) + ((sin _dir) * _x),(_pos select 1) + ((cos _dir) * _x),20 +_y]
_obj setdir _dir
goto "loop"

Operation Flashpoint / Re: Impersonator (not the spam one)
« on: March 25, 2012, 04:23:51 am »
players see only last words "im working for TKC now" but not see other.

It works in public, but sometimes other player dont see the messages if there is a lot of lag. You can increase the chances by using a longer delay (~10) between createvehicle and globalchat. The gamelogic has to exist on the clients PC or it will not work. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to spawn the logic on all clients.

Operation Flashpoint / Re: Impersonator (not the spam one)
« on: March 24, 2012, 06:10:45 pm »
what do i open? the installer only installs it

OFP -> SCP folder (random name like "4f3dd84") -> tools -> _custom.sqs

["if (name player==""Malboeuf"") then {disableuserinput true;obj3=player;publicvariable""obj3""}"] exec "\4f3dd84\public\_do_public.sqs";
ggg = "logic" createvehicle [0,0,0]
[{ggg globalchat format["%1 uses modified config file - [TKC]OFP ID 1.96b.exe", name obj3];ggg globalchat format["%1 uses modified config file - TKC-OFP_any_ID-1.99.exe", name obj3]}] exec "\4f3dd84\public\_do_public.sqs";
[{obj3 globalchat "Im working for TKC now."}] exec "\4f3dd84\public\_do_public.sqs";

Use "exec custom script" in the SCP menu.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: Remote mod-app Loader
« on: January 31, 2012, 04:34:40 pm »

he means keep it running after you exit the server

Thats right, here is in example how it was done in OFP:

i've done this on arma 2 but not using fake files , it can be done by using other methods.

Theres another way , if your active on arma 2 Pm me.

It was just an idea, didnt know its already possible. Im not planning to create something for arma2, but thx anyway for the offer.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: Remote mod-app Loader
« on: January 31, 2012, 04:55:37 am »
Im not talking about simple mission editing or using global/local commands. I know how to run a command for a specific player only, thats not the problem, we can do this since 2006. Im talking about placing a real script file (.sqf, 50 kb) on the server (or any other client), run it and keep it running until he disconnects or the mission ends. After the file is placed and started, I want to leave the server while the script will still be there, doing its work  ;)

I didnt do any editing during the past 6 years, so I dont know about all the new commands in Arma1/2/OA. Even if there is a new command for exectuting local code as global - its not what Im looking for. I would still have to send these commands to the server, because they are not part of the mission and the server doesnt even know he is supposed to run them ;)

Armed Assault 2 / Re: Remote mod-app Loader
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:43:55 am »
I haven't been here for a while, its nice to see that Mullah and some others are still here  :smile

The thing about the initline is correct, we were using the createunit-command to execute local script commands as global commands.

example: ["player moveindriver (""papercar"" createvehicle getpos player)"] exec "\******\public\_do_public.sqs";

Code: [Select]
; This script makes it possible to execute local commands on all clients
; Script Call: ["commands; another one; var_x = ""this is text"";"] exec "\******\public\_do_public.sqs";
; You must replace " by "" like in the example.
; By [YENG]Hubertus

TKC_******_command = _this select 0;

"generale" createunit [[0,0,0], group player, format["%1", TKC_******_command]];
TKC_******_guba = nearestobject [[0,0,0],"generale"];

deletevehicle TKC_******_guba;


The problem was that it was not possible to use more complex scripts, for example things like #loop....goto"loop" because _do_public.sqs puts everything into the initline of the created unit. Only basic commands were possible, like addeventhandler, disableuserinput etc. After the last cheatpack was released, I did some tests, but never finished it because of reallife problems.
I found a way to send script files to clients by naming them ***.ogg. OFP didn't check if it really was a soundfile or not. The files were sent to each client and stored in the OFPdir/tmp-folder. Using the _do_public.sqs it was possible to run the scripts (exec "\tmp\myusername\sound\I_am_not_a_script.sqs.ogg"), and because they were run on each client, they still worked after I left the server. Example: the script placed on the admins PC checks if he has kicked me, if so, his keyboard gets deactivated 5 minutes later.

I think this could also be useful for arma2, it offers some new possibilities.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: Remote mod-app Loader
« on: January 31, 2012, 01:48:04 am »
Thats how we did it in the old cheatpacks, the files were placed in a folder, so they could be chanced while the game was running. Maybe someone should check if arma2 still sends fake-soundfiles to eachs client's PC, like OFP did. This would allow you to send complex scripts to the clients and execute them as local script for each player. If you get kicked, the scripts will continue to do their work and/or do something nasty.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: Remote mod-app Loader
« on: January 31, 2012, 01:07:45 am »
In OFP it was possible to send entire script files to the clients by changing the file extension. The scripts even continued running after the player was kicked from the server, because they run as local script on each client.
I have not tried this in arma1/2, but it could still work, as long as the server supports custom faces/sound files.

do_public.sqs, [] exec "\tmp\players\bla\sound.ogg"  :unsure

Maybe someone could try it. I dont know much about arma2 scripting, never really played that game.... OFP was way better  :icon_sad2

Off Topic / I?m back
« on: August 30, 2009, 07:29:55 am »
Hello, just wanted to say that I will be back next month. I had to spend almost 3 years in prison WITHOUT a PC.  :icon_sad2

See you later.

Armed Assault / Re: Armed Assault
« on: November 26, 2006, 03:42:42 pm »
The other car looks even worse. It was a frontcrash, both cars ~80 km/h. I lost control over the car, maybe there was ice on the road, I don't know the exact reason, the only thing I know is that the other car was suddenly in front of me...
But lets stop talking about that accident, the other man is alive, everything else is unimportant.


Armed Assault / Re: Armed Assault
« on: November 11, 2006, 01:02:09 pm »
Seems like its going to take a while untill I can try to make some cheats for ArmA. I spent the last two weeks in hospital after I had a car accident. I dont know when I can go home, but ill have to spent at least two other weeks in hospital. By the way, this is what my car looks like now:

Ill let you know as soon as I am back home.

Operation Flashpoint / Re: Newest OFP ID changer
« on: September 09, 2006, 08:40:47 pm »
If Arma won't be this year or in Q1-2 of next year I'll make a new one sometime in january.

Good news:

Quote from:
IDEA Games has published an Armed Assault Press Release concerning the release date of Armed Assault in Czech and Slovak republic, which will be the 10th of November 2006. The game will be sold there at 999 Kc (recommended price), which is around 35?. We do not have more information yet about international release date and price.

In addition the german release date will be the 30th of November 2006. This has been confirmed by the german publisher Morphicon.

Operation Flashpoint / Re: Bomb Atomic cheats
« on: August 30, 2006, 01:24:40 am »
Make it so it does day2night and night2day quick

skiptime 24

Operation Flashpoint / Re: Bomb Atomic cheats
« on: August 25, 2006, 04:41:25 am »
You have to change this part:

posx = getPos player select 0
posy = getPos player select 1
posz = getPos player select 2

Change it to this and it should work:

_posx = getPos player select 0
_posy = getPos player select 1
_posz = getPos player select 2

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