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Mount and Blade / Re: [STEAM RELEASE] Warband 1.166 Auto Blocker
« on: January 25, 2015, 10:26:53 pm »

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] WFAS 1.143 --> MULTIHACK 1.0 BETA
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:59:30 am »
ps i may be a leech but if you'd call yourself the best warband "hacker" you'd be takin the piss because your autochamber is slow and your aimbot is shit, yet you proudly show off at what you've done. You remind me of a windowlicker being proud of his shit macaroni painting btw 20 pounds for that shit? if i didn't say it before i'm saying it now you're taking the fuckin piss

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] WFAS 1.143 --> MULTIHACK 1.0 BETA
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:54:38 am »
page 4 comming soon to a monitor near you   :icon_laugh
dodged the question, nice. and i may not make hacks but at least i don't copy paste old like a little twat ps i cri everytim :icon_cry2  :icon_laugh

your spelling on the end of that needs a tad more inspirational effort my uninspired boring as fuck little forum user lol
noracismallowed i said i cri everytim at your shit hacks, they smell worse than rotten onions. they're so shit i don't think a dog would eat them but maybe your mom would? keep talkin shite it doesn't even matter

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] WFAS 1.143 --> MULTIHACK 1.0 BETA
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:44:13 am »
page 4 comming soon to a monitor near you   :icon_laugh
dodged the question, nice. and i may not make hacks but at least i don't copy paste old like a little twat ps i cri everytim :icon_cry2  :icon_laugh

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] WFAS 1.143 --> MULTIHACK 1.0 BETA
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:38:53 am »
anyway bit off topic , but that curry was fucking nice lol
you keep saying that worm dodges questions so lets see how you do, how do you feel that worm repacked your wank stain autoblock hack ?

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] WFAS 1.143 --> MULTIHACK 1.0 BETA
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:21:15 am »
"everyone that respected you is losing it fast" and who the fuck respects you, you drunk lazy piece of shit?

Mount and Blade / Re: Cheat suggestions - Hack
« on: October 09, 2014, 11:43:55 am »
aimbot would be nice

Adress finder provided with the cheat still works guys...
gameprocess =mb_warband.exe
shit i went full retard thanks for the reminder :p

Anyone know what added patch 1.161?
they patched autoblock hacks again

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] Mount and Blade: Autoblock 1.160
« on: September 02, 2014, 07:48:43 pm »
it's been patched, again  :icon_cry2

Mount and Blade / Re: [RELEASE] Mount and Blade: Autoblock 1.160
« on: July 16, 2014, 04:59:07 am »
please no more spam, for the sake of keeping it simple the hack doesn't work anymore there was a ninja patch

lol i think betty is trying to do some kind of troll here , because if she really doesnt realise most of the screenshots are from real live dedicated internet servers then betty is unfortunately not as tallented as she is trying to make her self out to be.

this is directed at you actually betty , doubting me is like saying the world is still square  :smile.

the moon landing was faked, THE WORLD IS STILL SQUARE

or ... roll your system date back to the date it was uploaded...

loaders lol..
You are laughing but you were obviously insecure while using themida.
(Thinking a packer will stop me? lol).
"loaders lol"- I want you to code a loader,I bet you don't have the mind set for it nor the intelligence to handle difficult packers. (I mean that's why you used them to begin with.. lol)
Seems like someone got hurt.

hurt well 1:

its pecompact not themida  so thats just kind of shown you know fuck all really hasnt it.

next post a working bot..tick tock worm still waiting

and as for dragonfanny ... i posted how to get it to work in the same thread it was released in learn to read. :smile

ps butthurt i dont get butthurt never have never will. the protection is public and patched  :smile

i do rather enjoy a good troll though and your the target at the moment worm  :smile

3 il allways have a hack no need for me to patch others work because i have more skill than you 'worm' and 99% of the rest , see where im going with this ? :icon_laugh

btw i still dont see a working aimbot from 'worm' does anyone else? no...

reply soon worm lol  :icon_razz2

If you really are that good at hacking,  :icon_thumbsup good for you either sit down and reap what you sow, or share it with other people because why not? you can't just do both at the same time.

He protected his software.
Anyways guys I am going to release all his hacks for free (Creating a loader atm).


Loader is ready:

worm=best person of teh year/future emperor of teh world

« on: June 23, 2014, 12:56:33 pm »
Betty, it's an honor to meet you btw and i just wanted to ask if you were the one who said this earlier on  a server before you got banned "start up warband.exe open tab and hold r and enter x0admin is.negative replace with false then enter server" does the quote hold weight in truth, or was an impostor saying pure nonsense?

Well youve spelt a couple of things wrong, BUT if you have access to the module system, and you remove neg is admin checks, you can then hit it and over-ride checks IF you edit the .exe otherwise it will no matter what you do to your modules, still not let you take admin

however, i did not announce it to anyone but my regiment
i wasnt even online yesturday
not even on steam

i`m busy with my last week of exams

maybe it was somebody using my name, theres a lot of `bettys`

someone said it was possible to control admin modules , i never bothered to look into it but judging by what you just posted it shouldn't be that difficult, looks like a simple override of isadmin , the guy who said it ( forgot who it was ) claims to be able to admin on the camelot dm server without actually being an admin, never seen the guy bullshit so its probably true.

There is one problem though and one reason i`m hesitant about things
whenever you log on to a server the id of the serial key you use shows up in the server logs (makes me laugh when individuals on steam ask me how to change their ip so they can log onto a server theyve been banned from as it has nothing to do with ip)
thats how doing things like killing everyone on your team and leaving is useless, as most admins just control f through the logs find the key you logged on with it and ban you even if you arent currently on the server at the time
thats a reason why despite my friends begging me, i am not going to tell them how to spawn nades on 33rd siege server and things like that, because is it worth getting perm banned for 30 seconds of fun?  not really.. and trust me these server admins are obsessed with banning.

the only way around it is to over-ride it in a similar way to the above discussion
in other words over-ride the check for serial key and enter in ghost like mode,

however............. in essense that is stealing as it is giving away or encouraging people to use the game without an actual key.

i could get myself in a load of legal shit doing that.

the best times were the early days of the game
ie when warband came out, most of the stats WERE SERVER SIDE, ie you could rack up your shooting accuracy and skills in your module and it would give you a huge advantage in multiplayer, (this was fixed in their first patch)

also, when NW first came out, you could edit your files to literally spawn anything in the scene props as sapper on any server
see here

this was patched up though

as a matter of fact, the first NW release you could spawn tnt right away
they changed it to a 30 second wait with the first patch, because (in their words)  people like `the bettys`  were setting it off at spawn :p lol

you could even spawn naked or change your clothes/items to anything on any server..  which of course as of patch 1 or 2 that was fixed and now it `kicks you for cheating` if you try that

you gotta hand it to them, vince and co  are totally no nonsense

ps one of the reason vince told me that he set so much of nw to be server not client based is because of databases/ systems simply cant handle excess data, and if you have players just logging onto servers and spawning rocket launchers and nades at will like it was in gta 4, it will crash servers within seconds

no offense, but everyone knows you help people with scripts on server so i guess you're like the friendly neighborhood hacker

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