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Armed Assault 2 / Re: New Arma 2 servers
« on: May 28, 2011, 02:05:14 am »
FYI I am the creator of the new ENSK and have created a new mod for serious role play.  I also have my own anti-hack programs in place on our server.  I am not worried about hackers coming on as they pose no threat to me.  My program I wrote will catch anything they do so if they dare come on it will ban them and then IP ban them forever.  These duches are not smart enough to bypass my code,  I am not like those pussies at TCG i will fuck over any hacker that dares come to interrupt my server.  The rules are simple its my way or the highway, so for all you serious players, and not Mr. Medic who is an asshole, please feel free to join us  "Arma2 Life RPG project".

Here is the AddonSync URL for IL =

Just incase any of you guys know, This isnt the creator of ensk.... This is Wulfer from TCG. :) (the thingy im replying to)
The guy who created ensk dosent talk like this and only somone as stupid as Wulfer can make the same grammar errors and shit as done here...
(im not saying im any better at grammar or spelling.... but yeah :D )

Removed for the lulz

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