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Armed Assault 2 / Re: ArmA2 screens
« on: February 21, 2009, 05:15:08 pm »
i got to say i been watching both of these releases for a while now.

can't say i'm convinced by either

CM whilst having a huge budget and a massive team behind them appear to be churning out something that looks like a cross between OFP and COD/GRAW/R6, my biggest gripe is that its a cross platform release, while the original was PC only then ported 4 years later, this is Xbox/PS3 right from the get go.

there latest video EGO-tech demo, shows some uterly horrible things obviously aimed at console gamers, the HUD, the hit register, horrible pop-up AI control ala BF2, on the upside there are supposed to be options to turn all that shit off, and the anims look a lot smoother than OFP/ArmA, which was IMO what killed the pewpew in ArmA.

ArmA2 looks good, some tweaks, some engine fixes, not all that impressed by this weekly release of "news" footage but i guess its building up a good video gallery of what is in the game.

i think only time will tell which will be the daddy and which will turn out to be the also ran.

oh, modding wise, i guess ArmAII is sticking with PBO sqs/sqf, so straight back into scripting and modding for the community, CM are using LUA, i guess as some of the best scripters around you guys will know more about it than me, since i don't script for shit, but from a gamers perspective i think this will hinder people at first since they have to get used to a new language/syntax - you can find the EGO-tech vid via this link (mods if this link is illegal feel free to delete it, i know why)

Armed Assault / Re: Bellends Ultimate TK weapon in Arma!!
« on: February 21, 2009, 05:02:30 pm »
are the links you are referring to the ones used to find out who ips are members on this site and the official BIS sites?
What are you talking about?

i think he's talking about the trick used by a certain ill cow, LOL

Armed Assault / Re: Morsa's Anygear
« on: January 05, 2009, 08:19:11 pm »
i think you've over rated the epic'ness of the fail,

if he was trying to stop all cheats/unfair play on every server everywhere no matter what map/mission from the moment he released Dooacs till today, then yes i can see that he has failed (not an epic fail though)

if he was trying to stop the google kids, those with no scripting knowledge and no wish to learn, then he has had blinding success at protecting the servers that run his AC script.

lil kid googles cheats, finds that one, DL's it, WOW it works, then hits a Dooacs protected server where it doesn't work, cheat = FAIL

in the fight of cheat V's anti-cheat it is an ongoing war that will never end, you start life at one extreme either hating or loving your extreme view of the other end of the balance and as time goes on you realise that it will never end, 1 month the AC is winning, the next the AC is losing.

1 team comes up with a detection or new cheat, then it is beaten.

the see saw of life

just play


Armed Assault / Re: ::: FA RV:::
« on: March 31, 2008, 05:07:43 am »
1.11 is a fucking joke

apart from forcing BE on people, it also has massive memmory handling issues, if BIS asked nicely i'd happily beta test for them, but blindly releasing beta patch after beta patch and using the community as testers is gonna come to a head soon.

as for NAZI mods, BIS has the lions share, getting a month ban for an oversize sig is nothing more than a mod on a power trip.

hows this addon???

i have just thrown EVO onto ACE_EVERON, 20 minutes later, playable map with a whole load of fine tuning to be done.

weeeeee, should keep me busy for a while

Armed Assault / Re: ::: FA RV:::
« on: March 23, 2008, 06:03:06 am »
these fuckin bums take this game wayyyyyyyyy too seriously if they have dudes dedicating time to have tons of cheat free servers everywhere in different countries

do you mean us at SS?

my point of view is fairly well known i think, i go by the live and let live rule, you do your thing, we do ours. we're running a business, if we can keep most of the script kiddies out then that makes us better than the likes of jolt, AoWC etc etc

there are ways to get around everything but the numbers with that knowledge is few and that keeps our clients happy enough for them to keep paying us each month.

anyway back on topic, how is this addon coming on? any ideas on release dates yet?

Armed Assault / Re: ::: FA RV:::
« on: March 19, 2008, 10:24:51 pm »
yeah the reason i used the humvee was because it looks to me like the model has a 50cal MG and a MK17 grenade launcher.

the actual adjustment for the gunner movement is easy

just adjust these values

            minElev = -5;
            maxElev = 40;
            minTurn = -360;
            maxTurn = 360;

on a side note are these a reskin of john's buggys or a complete fresh set of work?

i'd be interested in the finished article, i'm trying to achieve a better EVO, so far i got airlift scripts, and am looking at new vehicles, i want a CH47 but the mapfact version is unfliable in its current form. have also toyed wth the F16 (horrible to fly), F18 E and F (quite nice but too powerfull), a german NN-90 Chopper (needs a reskin before i can use it for airlift).

so if u have anything else on the cards i'd be interested to see what u got

Armed Assault / Re: ::: FA RV:::
« on: March 19, 2008, 05:58:39 pm »
having pulled apart the wheeled.pbo and had a look at the Humvee that has 2 cargo positions and 1 gunner it looks like u need something along the lines of

class CfgMovesBasic {
   class DefaultDie;   // External class reference
   class ManActions {
      HMMWV_Driver = "HMMWV_Driver";
      HMMWV_Gunner01 = "HMMWV_Gunner01";
      HMMWV_Gunner02 = "HMMWV_Gunner02";
      HMMWV_Gunner03 = "HMMWV_Gunner03";
      HMMWV_Cargo01 = "HMMWV_Cargo01";

obviously these are meant for the hmmmv-mg hmmmv-mk17 and hmmmv-tow as detailed further down in the anims section for the same files

class HMMWV_Gunner01 : Crew {
         file = "\ca\wheeled\Data\Anim\hmmwv_M2gunnerOUT.rtm";
         interpolateTo[] = {"KIA_HMMWV_Gunner", 1};
      class HMMWV_Gunner02 : Crew {
         file = "\ca\wheeled\Data\Anim\hmmwv_mk19gunnerOUT.rtm";
         interpolateTo[] = {"KIA_HMMWV_Gunner", 1};
      class HMMWV_Gunner03 : Crew {
         file = "\ca\wheeled\Data\Anim\hmmwv_TOW_gunnerOUT.rtm";
         interpolateTo[] = {"KIA_HMMWV_Gunner", 1};

now for the turrets -  these are taken from the hummer again so you would need to alter the amount of movement allowed since these have a full 360 of lateral movement since they are top mounted unlike the weapons shown on that model

class Turrets {
         class MainTurret : NewTurret {
            outGunnerMayFire = true;
            memoryPointGun = "machinegun";
            body = "";
            gun = "";
            gunnerAction = "ManActTestDriverOut";
            gunBeg = "usti hlavne";   // endpoint of the gun
            gunEnd = "konec hlavne";   // chamber of the gun
            soundServo[] = {"\ca\wheeled\Data\Sound\servo3", db-50, 1.0};
            minElev = -5;
            maxElev = 40;
            minTurn = -360;
            maxTurn = 360;
            gunnerOpticsModel = "\ca\weapons\optika_empty";
            hasGunner = false;
            gunnerForceOptics = false;
            startEngine = false;
            class HitTurret {
               armor = 0.8;
               material = 51;
               name = "vez";
               visual = "vez";
               passThrough = false;
            class HitGun {
               armor = 0.4;
               material = 52;
               name = "zbran";
               visual = "zbran";
               passThrough = false;
            castGunnerShadow = false;
            class ViewOptics {
               initAngleX = 0;
               minAngleX = -30;
               maxAngleX = 30;
               initAngleY = 0;
               minAngleY = -100;
               maxAngleY = 100;
               initFov = 0.42;
               minFov = 0.22;
               maxFov = 0.64;
            class ViewGunner {
               initAngleX = 5;
               minAngleX = -30;
               maxAngleX = 30;
               initAngleY = 0;
               minAngleY = 0;
               maxAngleY = 0;
               initFov = 0.42;
               minFov = 0.22;
               maxFov = 0.95;

I'm no scripting expert by any means, i tend to look for the info in something i know and then tweak it to work for what i want, but i think if you make the second 2 positions gunners not cargo, they should attach as normal.

I'll take a look at the manual fire issue shortly

Armed Assault / Re: Vulcan bomber
« on: March 19, 2008, 05:37:24 pm »
it would have been was it not for this line in red across the middle of the page you linked


Download disabled until we know exactly where this model came from and if proper permissions have been granted.

Armed Assault / Re: Vulcan bomber
« on: March 18, 2008, 09:55:43 pm »
i believe calling him a noob would have had an equal reponse.

from the threat of server atacks it seems that some people are unable to let the sleeping dogs lie, i thought we had got through all this, maybe i was wrong.

ah well, life goes on.

Armed Assault / Re: Vulcan bomber
« on: March 18, 2008, 07:38:57 pm »
how hard is to type into google "armed assault avro vulcan" ???

the guy can't manage that

what would you call him?

and i did say kinda, not a full blown.

point taken though i will refrain from abusing those unable to do the simplest things in the future

i edited my post to meet your guidelines.

Armed Assault / Re: sry but reply dont work but i need help with scp
« on: March 18, 2008, 07:33:46 pm »
where did i mention typo's in my rant????

typo's i can live with, anyone that uses forums/im/icq etc gets very used to typo's. it's the huge unpunctuated mass of words that i disagree with. it makes posts so much harder to read.

yes i misspelled chicken, so sorry to those of you that i offended.

medic i think it should be something more like this

dear mrmedic thankyou for being such a great haxor of this game can you give me or make me or sell me or give me for free all your hard work thanks i remain nameless cos i will never achieve or ammount to anything i just wish to leach and suck from everyone or anything that i see because forums are not real and the poeple on them are not either i will try not to do anything all i want to do is download and use lol thanks nameless lol

Armed Assault / Re: Vulcan bomber
« on: March 18, 2008, 04:44:12 am »
apparently it was ripped from FS2004,

whether this was with the original coders permission is in question.

its not hard to find, took me 3 minutes on google, since i assume you can't use google i'll make it easy for you

have fun

Armed Assault / Re: sry but reply dont work but i need help with scp
« on: March 18, 2008, 04:35:06 am »
dear god

some punctuation, proper grammar and maybe the odd proper sentance would be good.

as for PBO tools, google for KEGS TOOLS, has the ability to unPBO, PBO, unRAP etc etc.

reading your posts has made my brain hurt, i'm going for some chikcen.

p.s. any joy with win2k8 yet Z


Armed Assault / Re: acc pack ...
« on: February 27, 2008, 06:48:07 pm »
ArmA 2142

oh no that would be copyright infringement

at least BIS are taking lessons from the best people in the business at churning out the same shit with new models and making a mint of it

Armed Assault / Re: questionmark servers in serverlist ?
« on: February 27, 2008, 06:45:57 pm »
yeah i remember zold, but given the 1337sp33k that this guy is using in his posts i'm guessing he's not some 40+ year old guy with tons of experience

no offence to the guy but he strikes me as the teenage, google search for cheats, click to DL and then claim god status type

no experience with IP spoofing etc etc

hence was so baffled by a range ban

i am allready resigned to the fact that the likes of yourself and wesker who have true knowledge will get around whatever is put in place by Hosters/Owners/BIS. but at the end of the day that means that there are a handfull of people that can do these things, not the 1000's that visit this and other sites.

i got your message i will keep an eye open for that group and eagerly await 2K8

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