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Title: TKC to help NATO look for cheaters
Post by: ZOldDude on May 22, 2004, 08:20:10 am
I will be helping NATO's VC section by reveiwing the demo replays of it's matchs and looking for "extras".

Altho TKC is based on developing cheats WE do not cheat when in matchs with others.

NATO has had to remove a few people for useing the wireframe hack....yet many others are slideing by durring fair contest.

One clan who has had to change it's name in the past few months two times so far for cheating and breaking the rules will be whatched by myself a bit closer than others.

They know who they are.

TKC will always make new cheats and that will not end....however we will also work as "advisors" to NATO in it's fair contests as an act of good faith.

While the anti-cheat program HB was known about and first bypassed long before it became a patch in Vietcong and we have updated our programs with each HB update we will still take this step to see fair play in honest contest at least as far as our friends who lead the VC section of NATO are involved.


Also vist the NATO website: