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Title: demo extraction tutorial
Post by: jazznas on May 10, 2004, 12:10:42 am
get the tool here (

its a simple dos command tool

to extract the game do following:
start the exe (if it doenst start press your windows key+r, type CMD, ok)
then browse to the tool, if the tool is at C:\documents and settings\unwings type: cd\ to browse to C:\ and then cd\documents and settings\unwings)

to extract the .pak files copy both in the unwings folder and type:
unwings -x soldner1.pak
unwings -x soldner2.pak

you are still able to play the game, but the tool to compress them back to pak files (if want to make a mod) is  here (

the command to compress a file is:
unwings -c yourfile.pak