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Title: Helllo again cheaters
Post by: i R Cheater on February 11, 2009, 08:17:03 pm
Hey guys.

I've been away from ArmA for a while, been cheating on other games and now i feel like playing ArmA again...

So what's the situation? When i left, something called Dooacs was putting a spanner in the works and making it harder for us to have fun and now i hear about something called BattleEye? Is it any good? and am i likely to get my key banned if i attempt to use any of the hacks i just download off this forum?
Title: Re: Helllo again cheaters
Post by: M. O. on February 12, 2009, 12:10:31 am
You should not use any of the cheats here unaltered on an ArmA server. They will most likely get detected. Sig-checks is no big deal. Dooacs wont work for non GUI-cheatpacks (the SCP GUI will have to be removed or changed by a memory alteration). BattleEye mostly kicks people out randomly, but it will detect some memory hacks. Right now there are no public or offial workarounds due to the workforce lacking time, but if you browse around here you'll find what some people have done to get past anti-cheat.