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Title: ArmA v1.14.5256 MultiHack
Post by: Bellend on November 17, 2008, 03:15:44 am
ArmA v1.14.5256 MultiHack;sa=view;down=54

Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire Weapons
High/Extreme Impact Bullets
High/Extreme Damage Bullets
High/Extreme Explosive Bullets
High/Extreme Speed Mode
No Clip
No Panting
No Off Road Slowdowns
No Fog
No Dust
No Rain
No Buildings - No Vegetation
Transparent Tank Cockpits
Score Increaser: Your score will only go up, no matter who you kill or what you destroy.
Warfare: Unlimited Funds: Only turn this on when you're about to buy something and turn it off afterwards. Funds can't be transferred to other players or AI when this is on.
Sahrani Life: 999999 Money: You'll need to use the 'Account Balance' option from your action menu after you've turned this on. Make sure that you turn it off afterwards.
View Distance
Tank Rocketeer (