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Title: :: A10 UAV::
Post by: IllAssembly on January 11, 2008, 07:31:46 am
im working on getting my uav management to work, and im wondering what script i could use to make an A10 unit invincible, maybe with your setdamage commands or something?
Title: Re: :: A10 UAV::
Post by: szero on January 11, 2008, 01:14:22 pm
you really try to create useful scripts? lol...

well maybe i could help ya... got a lot experience in scripting for arma (also for usefuls things lol) and for shit.... ^^

what exactly should the "UAV" do? like a real uav with a overview over the area?


btw.. did you guys know that the netcode of arma for pw strings is not encrypted? ^^ it just send pw's over a stupid hex code lol

oh man i love brute force ^^
Title: Re: :: A10 UAV::
Post by: IllAssembly on January 11, 2008, 01:56:52 pm
oh dude lol i didnt make the uav its this dude named EMSI i think its a group lol the UAV is done and working im just trying to make the scripts more useful, the people on here know the most useful shit about arma compared to any other site. its fuckin sick you can make the UAV an A10 and see the targets with the recon cam zoom way in way out and blast shit with the gau.its controled by another unit named "mru" thats runs an []exec script so im pretty sure i can just put that script in a .sqs and put that in TKC's chinit.sqs to run the uav control from my person anywhere. my problem is that the shit runs out of gas, and u have to name it "uav" so when it gets blown by a shilka you lose your uav. i need to make it invincible, or have infinite. (

heres what i need and ill link you to the uav management:

a script to either 

a:          spawn a Blufor A10 at a set marker with the name "uav" 
             would the game crash if you spawned 2 "uav's"

b: make an A10 invincible to any damage.  why do my recruits not fly the freak jets do they need to be pilots?