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Title: All ArmA Cheats Here!
Post by: [TKC]Wesker on June 16, 2007, 07:17:36 pm
This list will be updated on the regular.
If you use Sprocket ArmA you will need the NoCD to play using the mem hacks.
Also note some memory hacks may have problems with Vista.

All Versions
VoIP Heckling (
No Fog ( old (see MH v4)
CD-Key Changer (
Soon: ID Changer

ArmA v1.14.5256 +14 Trainer (
Hackpack & Spawn Hack (

ArmA MultiHack Version 4 (
TKC ArmA Supercheatpack (
NoCD exe (
ArmA MultiHack (Vista & Symantec version) (
Bullet Impact Hack (
Sahrani Life Money Hack (ver2) (
ArmA DUAL Hack (Wallhack & Multi in one) (

NOTE: Sprocket users will need the ArmA nocd exe in order to use a few of the hacks.
Always backup old exe's


ArmA MultiHack lite Version 1 (

ArmA MultiHack (lite) ( old
ArmA MultiHack Version 3 ( old
ArmA MultiHack Version 3.5 ( old

ArmA MultiHack (

ArmA MultiHack (
Sky Walk + Teleport (

ArmA MultiHack (

Demo 1.03
Unlimited Ammo (

Unlimited Ammo (

Unlimited Ammo (

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Please do not PM developers asking when cheats will be ready. They will be released the moment they are ready.
Title: Re: All ArmA Cheats Here!
Post by: [TKC]Wesker on July 06, 2008, 02:00:49 pm
Just a quick notice
If you feel your ArmA hack should have a place here in this list, then send me a PM and I will append it.
Give me a link, name and ArmA version.