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Title: NATO.... TKC's new trainer!
Post by: ZOldDude on March 08, 2004, 05:24:11 am
From: forrest747
To: ZOldDude
Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 1:22 pm
Subject: yet another reference to [TCK] clan  
This time it is the Practice-Bot, on the NATO ladder forums. Copied it here for your enjoyment.

"State of the Art" Aimbot: The Practice-Bot
Copied from Swedeland Fist Alpha Forum (

In addition to the Fist Alpha medi-bag hack and ammo hack, [TCK] has improved their old aimbot. In fact their latest "state of the art" aimbot is so unique that HradBa has no chance against it, guaranteed. [TCK]'s private forum threads are calling it the next generation aimbot.

It is called the "Practice-Bot", and there is no setup required! Famous players such as ShOcKa, -T| r1pp3r |M-, Tiny, Hulk, Vedamusic, Malcolm, Karl Astrid, *84C* MAC and many others have used the Practice-Bot -- look at where it got them! (**deleted by request**) has made about $25,000 using this aimbot, and you can too!

Through a special licensing agreement that involves some of our FTP bandwidth, Swedeland can now give everyone here the secret to the Practice-Bot.

There is no program to download, nothing to set up or install ... and it's free. To use the Practice-Bot, all you need is a brain (not included); and fingers (ten will be sufficient). To run the Practice-Bot, all you need to do is PLAY! The Practice-Bot does the work for you, and it is completely undetectable by HradBa! However, be aware that the Practice-Bot can take quite a while to ramp up to its full potential. Do not get discouraged during this initialization phase. Just keep playing and the Practice-Bot will work diligently in the background, continuously making your game better.

Practice-Bot provided courtesy of Providing for your gaming needs because we care. All Rights Reserved.

*EDIT* deleted name of professional Vietcong player