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Title: Final Fantasy XI: Unlimited Warp scrolls
Post by: Follis on August 22, 2005, 07:55:25 am
1. Get a homepoint close to the Summerfest Moogle
2. Get a partner and group with them.
3. Both of you talk to the moogle.
4. Find the goalpoint and touch it. (optional you can do this over and over on with just 1 partner without
even finding the goalpoints)
5. Now go attack a monster and die!
6. You are now back at the home point, if you look in your inventory you will still have the teleport scroll
for that city in your inventory.
7. Now go to your home and put the scroll in your safe.
8. Go back to the moogle and talk to him again. Even if you didnt find the goalpoint the moogle will
simply give you another warp scroll and tell you to try again!