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Title: I laughed the crap of me in bed at night.
Post by: JazzIvan on March 02, 2017, 11:28:31 am
looking back to the bullshit I've made, I really couldn't control myself laughing. Laughing so hard.
Old time, maybe not really a good time for me...but still good time.
I admit I had severe mental problems that time, but u know, Im not really ashamed of that, cuz that's the time that made me strong, and changed.
And of course, thank you so much for being with me and listening to my bullshit, giving a fuck. I really appreciate that.
That's fun tho, wasn't it? A lot of people making bullshit. That Betty really makes me both guilty&amused. I offended him(or her?), but look at its reaction, so dramatic and funny! :icon_laugh
Now I'm good, srsly. College life is still a busy time, but I think I will come here when I'm able to. Btw Im really amazed that u guys have been such a long time being here! A decade?! That's hard to believe!
So yeah, at last, r we using TS or discord now? I'll probably go there and actually chat to u!
Whatever. Good night, TKC.
Title: Re: I laughed the crap of me in bed at night.
Post by: MrMedic on March 02, 2017, 05:08:10 pm
There is a teamspeak link that we use sometimes in my signature. You are welcome to come and have a chat , usually on the weekend , sometimes Friday , Saturday and occasionally a Sunday.

I am usually around between 6-8pm ( gmt Friday ) , 6-8pm Saturday gmt , and occasionally Sunday around 3pm - 6pm gmt

We do have a discord but I very rarely use it.