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Title: CBF Creator
Post by: M. O. on November 27, 2004, 02:59:13 pm
Right we're going to test this program.

First of all, extract one of the big files, and then repack it without making any changes. See if you get kicked or not for modified files.

If you don't get kicked, then modify the file. And try again.

If you get kicked, then compare the original CBF file with the one you created. You can use a hex-comparer at (our affilate), I think the tool is called CASER.

If there are changes, it's either an error inside the extractor or inside the packer or a security signature which has to be removed in order to make changes etc work.

Remember that all info that's in the closed sections, are meant to be kept there.  :)
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Post by: Blizzard on November 27, 2004, 05:58:52 pm
Ok i've just tried to extract the 160 patch cbf file, and then i repacked it without changes. Well the cracked file size doesnt match with the original one :(
Title: CBF Creator
Post by: Uplink on December 02, 2004, 08:44:06 pm
I repacked it also... Same result..
Title: CBF Creator
Post by: Uplink on December 02, 2004, 08:46:49 pm
Oh and also for some reason when making a mod like Fist Alpha, none of the .ini files will make a difference. It's cool to change the animations around though..

 Replacing the player skins with different ones will kick ya from hradba protected servers.
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Post by: n00bly on April 01, 2006, 12:46:57 pm
:D  Ok has uplink still got access to dev and does he ever visit here?
Title: CBF Creator
Post by: n00bly on April 03, 2006, 08:34:58 pm
When u mod your files dont repack them as the folder you got them from, hmm explanation... Say you unpack Vietcong_160.cbf, then u mod the weap.txt. When you want to repack it just repack what you modded and dont rename it to Vietcong_160.cbf just call it weapon.cbf it will read all cbfs in the vietcong folder before it loads up. And it will use your one if you mod it properly.

 Since hradba scans the unmodded 160.cbf and sees its good u will bypass hradba.

 And to fix uplinks problem of hradba detecting the skin changes, do this.

Go into the folder CHARACTERS mod all the skins from Vietcong_EU01 and then the Vietcong_160.cbf then put the modded skins from 1.60 into the EU01 folder. Now rename the folder to CH@RACTERS. MAke note of the other outer folders like whether it was in G or in DAT. Now in most patches you get a folder called DEVS in it is all the characters skin references.

 You have to go through the EU01 DEVS and the 106 DEVS ini and change all references to CHARACTERS and rename it CH@RACTERS. Repack and done passed hradba.

I also did this for tr@ps and w3apons skins.

Happy killing