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Title: Eulogy for a founding father
Post by: M. O. on February 08, 2015, 07:38:58 pm
It is with great regret that I have to tell you that one of our founders, and my friend since 20 years, Wizkid, passed away due to an accident. This very community (then on pro boards) was created at his place, and that's where the idea first sprung up. He hasn't been an active member for a long time but we still occasionally had beers and he was always an eager participant of our semi-annual hiking escapades. At times when I had no internet, Wizkid was happy to jump in and help with back end issues, even years after he left.

I will remember him as an intelligent and critical thinking man who had talent for creating pieces of music and painted art in his spare time. Our community may have lost one of its founding fathers, but I'm sad to say that I also believe that society simultaneously lost one of its bright and progressive minds.

May his memory live on.
Title: Re: Eulogy for a founding father
Post by: OldHeck on February 09, 2015, 11:27:04 am
Tonight is the first time I happened to visit the site in a long while and I saw this very sad news. Mullah, I am so very sorry to hear WizKid has passed away. I never realized you and him were personal friends outside of TKC.

I remember WizKid back in the pro board days, he was the passionate lifeblood of our community. The back and forth me and him sometimes had on the RI board always gave me a laugh, I think there was an unwritten agreement to try an outdo one another with the number of icons being used ( :icon_magician :icon_rolleyes2 :icon_devil :icon_thumbsup). I also seem to recall him participating in the old movie thread a bit too (although Z always seemed to whoop all our butts in the end). Those jokers over at the old GoD forums were seeing red back in the day when we first starting messing around with proxies to bypass their IP bans, and between Wiz, Vicious and myself I think we gave their mods an aneurism or two.  :icon_laugh

I regret not keeping in touch and getting to know him as a grown man, but given my memories of him and your description I'm sure I would have been proud to call him a friend, both here and IRL. Since I'm not there in person, I'm going to go have a drink to his memory. If you or anyone else would like to talk and reminiscence about Wizkid and the old days please let me know, my old e-mail is still active.

Wizkid, you were awesome and will be missed... here's to you good buddy! :cheers

- Heckler

Title: Re: Eulogy for a founding father
Post by: M. O. on February 21, 2015, 03:03:49 pm
Yes, I remember, those were good times.  :smile

The funeral was held yesterday and it was well-attended, I had the opportunity to speak to his relatives and offered my condolences. It turns out he had been out driving in the first night of frost, lost control and somehow crashed right into a post with the side of his car.

If I understood it right, the post seems to have hit him directly and appears to have hit close to the centre of mass of the car diverting all energy towards it and him (i.e. no diversion of energy into rotational movement and so on) and bypassing airbags, the engine compartment (which otherwise could've absorbed energy from the collision through deformation). If that isn't bad luck, I don't know what is. Emergency services were quick to arrive, had to cut him loose, but likely he had already sustained fatal injuries at that time.

The incident made it into national news, here's the most detailed report I could find.

It's all very sad, I guess a constructive way of honoring his memory would be to drive carefully. I guess that's what he would want us to do.