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Title: This Month in Science! (April Edition)
Post by: zaab on April 17, 2014, 05:10:39 pm
This is just for the Month of April at the current point in time. I will update it further at the end of the month.

➤ The first documented instance of a "female penis" in the animal kingdom.

➤ Saturn's Moon Enceladus? Ocean

➤ Bionic Kangaroo

➤ Revolutionary Syringe

➤ Dark Matter

➤ Gene Editing

➤ Bee Sting

➤ Weight Loss Signal

➤ Blood-sucking Ants

➤ Lab-grown Vaginas

➤ Regenerated Thymus

➤ New Form of Matter

➤ First Exomoon

➤ Nose Reconstruction

➤ Ancient Embryos

➤ Hepatitis C Treatment

➤ Lunar Eclipse