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Title: Join TKC
Post by: M. O. on January 03, 2004, 10:37:15 pm
Join us! Don?t be a fool, you can?t resist!

As we all know Teamkill and Cheats are bad represented online. This community and clan wants to organize all cheaters and unite them to form a final blow against the online gaming community. We share our discoveries and thoughts so we can grow stronger. We are starting a Revolution to fight they who are stuck in the inclined rules of online gaming!

Therefore we are working together against the stupid fools to let them understand us and finally understand their mistakes. So we say: ?Join us, we will always be a step further. It?s useless to resist!?

Why follow the rules of a game when you can create better ones? Why play an old game which you already have mastered by the accepted rules when the last bit of excitement still is left?
Join Us among the ranks of cheaters, hecklers and teamkillers to create a new Order! Let's enforce the freedom of online gaming, the right to play and let us do what games are for, namely to have fun!

We believe in playing a game with a new point of view, not from the inclined rule-following one but the view from a better distance where we all can have an overview of the game which later can be strategically manipulated to serve your own desires. So We say let's all unite and use our special tactics!

In 9 months we already have around 1000 Members all with one goal and insight - to make gaming rulefree and thus variated.

Remember variation is fun, join the revolution! Be a part of the community!
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Title: Join TKC
Post by: M. O. on January 03, 2004, 10:46:00 pm
What is required to be considered to be a Cheater or TKer (aka Game Heckler)?
You have to enjoy your way of play, and understand that heckling adds a new element to gameplay which brings the game to a higher level.

Gaming has no other purpose than fun, if you think it's fun to cheat and TK you are truly a "Heckler". It's important that you are not cheating to get good stats you can brag about, but to have fun.

You may play half-serious, where you maybe shoot your victim during serious gameplay and say "OH IM SO SORRY =)". Or maybe you are a fanatic TKer who kills everyone in your way.

Remember you decide the rules, and no one else!

To truly understand the basics of Heckling read TheHecklers! 60+ page about heckling.
Title: Join TKC
Post by: M. O. on January 03, 2004, 10:48:08 pm
What is required to be a Clan member?
You have to be able to play real on trainings or clan-matches if nothing else is said.

How do I join?
You have to meet the requirments and post here in this tread.

The post should include:
Where you live.
What languages you speak.
Your stance to special tactics in games. (Against,Neutral,For)
Title: Join TKC
Post by: M. O. on January 03, 2004, 10:59:27 pm
To join the clan simply go to the groupslist and join the Clan group.
Title: Join TKC
Post by: Wizkid on January 04, 2004, 06:12:54 pm
Before you do that, post a request to join here in this forum.